Targeting users using Matched Audiences

At Index Exchange, Matched Audiences™ is an addressability solution that enables audience-based deals for buyers who manage their audience files with a supported Universal ID provider. These audiences are usually based on customer relationship management (CRM) data, such as email addresses or phone numbers. Matched Audiences allows buyers to reach their most desired customers across high-quality publishers and different environments, providing unprecedented performance and precision across the open web.

Who can participate in Matched Audiences

The following ad tech platforms can participate in Matched Audiences:

How Matched Audiences works

To understand how Matched Audiences works, refer to the steps below.

Buyers upload their people-based audience files on their Universal ID provider's site.

When uploading the file, buyers can choose to run their audience as a DIRECT or PLATFORM deal:

  • Buyers can run an audience with a specific publisher by setting the audience scope to DIRECT. Direct deals require buyer and publisher negotiation.
  • Buyers can run an audience across all eligible IX Library publishers by setting the audience scope to PLATFORM. Platform deals require no negotiation at the publisher level and buyer campaigns compete in open market.

The Universal ID provider sends the audience file to Index.

When a user within the audience file visits an eligible publisher, buyers have the opportunity to bid on the deal ID, in real time, with their DSP of choice.

For more information about running Matched Audiences campaigns, see the following topics:

If you need further assistance, contact your Index Representative.