What are Inventory Packages?

Inventory Packages allow buyers to purchase publisher inventory using open auction mechanics, and does not require any negotiation between a buyer and publisher. They offer high quality inventory to buyers at open market rates, which allow for scale and efficiency. Publishers can monetize their inventory and audiences using Inventory Packages, and get a larger share of a buyer’s campaign budgets.

Using Inventory Packages, buyers can use a single deal ID to buy inventory from multiple publishers. These deals compete with bids in the open market using the open market floor rate (minimum CPM rate that is required to bid on this inventory). Unlike direct deals, deals that use Inventory Packages require no negotiation of terms between publishers and buyers. Instead, you work with Index's Buyer Services team to create the deal.

Publishers can benefit from using Inventory Packages in the following ways:

  • Access to more buyers bidding on your inventory

  • Another source of revenue for your inventory

  • Bring your inventory to the market faster

Viewing reporting for Inventory Packages

You can view reporting to see which transactions occurred using Inventory Packages by selecting the Demand Channel field in your report. For more information on creating reports, see Create a report.

All Index publishers are automatically eligible to participate in Inventory Packages. If you do not want to make your inventory available to buyers through Inventory Packages, contact your Index Representative to opt out.