Welcome to the reporting documentation portal, where you can learn how to access Index Exchange (IX) data and performance metrics. We offer a variety of ways to see how your advertising technology is performing. Our ready-to-use data visualization charts and graphs give you an up-to-date, aggregate view of bidding metrics. As part of your reporting solution, you have access to the following information:

  • Impression data
  • Revenue data
  • Bid cycle data
  • IX Library™-related insights across partners
  • Geographic data

To get started, select a reporting service below or check out the Index Data Dictionary for a complete list of available metrics.

  • Client Audit Logs: a service that provides publishers, buyers, and data providers access to non-aggregated hourly data for all events on the IX platform.
  • Domo: a third-party business intelligence software platform that helps you to view and access your data. For more information, see our Domo primer or access Domo’s user guide.


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