Blocking content from appearing on your site

By default, there are some advertisements that are blocked exchange-wide and you don’t have to worry about blocking these manually. By default, the following ads are banned on Index Exchange (IX) and will never be served to your users:

  • Auto-expandable
  • Simulate a site or system warnings
  • Simulate OS warnings or a dialog box
  • Contain malicious activity or direct the user to a malicious landing page
  • Automatically downloads a file
  • Automatically launches a landing page or a mobile redirect
  • Deceptive content
  • Offensive content (sexist content, defamatory content, pornography, nudity, animal cruelty, racist content, graphic content, swearing, hate speech, harassment)
  • Illegal products or services
  • Fake news or other advertorial that does not clearly indicate that it’s an advertisement or sponsored.

In addition to the content listed above, IX will also automatically block DSP bid responses that exceed 128kb in size.

In addition to these automatically banned ads, you have the following further control over the ads that appear on your site: