Create and manage your Private Marketplace Deals

Private Marketplace (PMP) deals are exclusive auctions that allow you to offer specific inventory directly to selected buyers. Terms are negotiated and are agreed upon before the auction occurs. You generally offer your premium inventories to PMP deals and the floor price for PMP deals is often higher than open market deals.

Currently, there are two ways that you can create a PMP deal in the Index UI.

Option Description

Create a new deal using inventory groups.

You can create a new deal using an inventory group which allows you to group site IDs to create categories within your inventory that you want to target in the same way and apply to a specific deal. With this option, you can configure deal settings and targeting using one single form in the Index UI.  For more information on creating deals using inventory groups, see:

Create a new deal using deal sections.

You can create a new deal using a deal section. This option requires you to complete two separate forms:

  • The deal section form where you define which inventory you want to target and configure targeting settings for.

  • The deal form where you configure your deal settings and select the deal sections to apply to a deal.

For more information on creating deals using a deal section, see: