Enabling Index as a video demand partner

If you use a third-party ad server or an SSP that Index Exchange (Index) is integrated with, you can enable Index as a demand partner. For a list of video partners that Index is integrated with, refer to the table below:

Video demand partner How to enable Index

Google Open Bidding

To enable Index in Open Bidding, see Enable Index as a demand partner in Google Open Bidding.

Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace

To enable Index in Transparent Ad Marketplace, see Enable Index as a demand partner in Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace.

JW Player

To enable Index in JW Player, see Enable Index in JW Player.


To enable Index in Vlyby, see Enable Index in Vlyby.


To enable Index in FreeWheel, see Enable Index in FreeWheel.


To enable Index in Publica, see Enable Index in Publica.


To enable Index in SpringServe, see Enable Index in SpringServe.


To enable Index in Nimbus, see Enable Index in Nimbus.