Monetizing video

As video advertising evolves and more users are consuming digital video content on various screen sizes, video advertising budgets are also on the rise. Index Exchange (Index) offers various solutions for publishers to participate in the video marketplace. You have the following options to monetize video channels.

Video channel Description


Instream or outstream video content that a user consumes in a web browser. For more information, see Monetizing video for web.

Mobile app

Instream, outstream, or rewarded video content that is hosted by a mobile application and runs on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. For more information, see Monetizing video for mobile app.


OTT, which stands for over-the-top, is long-form, professionally-produced video served over the internet, outside of the closed network of a Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD).

CTV, which stands for connected television, is a television set connected to the internet through a streaming device, game console, or smart TV. For more information, see Monetizing video for OTT and CTV.

Within web and mobile app video channels, you can monetize on the following video formats:

Video format Description


A video ad that displays before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) video content that the user is consuming.

  • Pre-roll is a user-initiated video ad that serves before content that the user has selected to play.
  • Mid-roll is a video ad that appears in the middle of the video content, similar to how a traditional television ad appears.
  • Post-roll is a video ad that appears after the video content has finished playing.


A video ad unit that auto plays in a video player when a user scrolls to it within non-video content, such as a video ad unit embedded in a news article. Unlike instream video that only plays video ads before, during, or after existing video content, outstream video ads can be played on their own without any existing video content from the publisher.


A video where the user opts-in to view it in exchange for rewards for watching or interacting with the video ad, such as rewarding users with points for viewing an ad in a game app.

Publishers who implement rewarded video ads may benefit from higher ad revenue since viewability and completion rates are very high for this ad format.