Integrating with IX

The following tables list the integration options that are available with IX. To see the formats that each integration type support, see Formats supported by integration option.

Client-side integration options Description

IX Library

Integrate using IX Library and unlock access to the IX Library Ecosystem, including all certified header bidding and RTI adapters.

Prebid adapter

Integrate using Prebid, an open-source library for publishers to implement header bidding on their websites and manage multiple header bidding partners.

AMP adapter

Integrate using AMP Real Time Config (RTC) to allow IX to fetch bid requests and return key-value targeting to the AMP runtime using the AMP RTC protocol.


Server-side integration options Description


Integrate using OpenRTB with Index Exchange (IX) through a server-to-server connection to connect to all of our demand partners and unlock additional demand.

Prebid Server

Integrate using Prebid Server to use server-to-server header bidding using an existing Prebid.js integration.