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Getting started for publishers

Integrating with Index

Formats supported by direct integration options

Formats supported by third-party integration options

Log in to the Index UI

View and edit your account settings in the Index UI

Viewing authorized sellers

Send the Global Placement Identifier (GPID) to Index


Integrating with IX Library

Integrating with Index using Prebid

Integrate with Index using AMP RTC

Integrate with Index as a publisher using OpenRTB

Enable Index as a demand partner in Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace

Enable Index as a demand partner in Google Open Bidding


Monetizing video

Enabling Index as a video demand partner

Selling native inventory through Index

User data matching

Improving revenue with user data matching


Reach specific audiences using Index's addressability solutions

Matching users using a Universal ID provider

Matching users using IX Bridge

Targeting users using Matched Audiences

Enable a Universal ID provider in the IX Library

Joining the Advertising ID Consortium

Manage deals

Create and manage your Private Marketplace Deals

Negotiating discounts on deals

What are Inventory Packages?

Troubleshoot and optimize your deals

Targeting audiences with Permutive or key values-based DMPs

Targeting audiences with cookie-based DMPs

Deals API


What is viewability? (Beta)

Block content

Blocking content from appearing on your site

Troubleshoot issues with a creative

Manage inventory

Create a site ID to define and categorize your inventory

Edit a site ID

Custom targeting

Passing custom targeting data to Index using key values

Billing and payments

Understanding auction billing

Sorting bids in an auction

View your payments from Index

Applying discounts for buyers

How Index counts impressions

Tips for reducing discrepancies between the number of counted impressions



Reporting API

Reports in the Index UI

Client Audit Logs (CAL) API

Data dictionary


Policy and regulations

Supply quality guidelines

Annexes to the Standard Contractual Clauses


List of supported DMPs

Create a support case

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